Meet Our Team


As a church in transition, Granite Presbyterian enjoys hearing sermons from a variety of faith leaders under our Pulpit Supply program.

Pat Hoover, Director of Music and Organist

Susie Reisdorf, Choir Director

Pat Hoover has been faithfully leading God’s people in worship with the gift of music for almost fifty years. In her selection of preludes, anthems, offertory music, and postludes for each worship service, Pat reviews the scripture texts for the day and considers the potential focus of the sermon. Her discernment is remarkable! As the pastor often observes, when the choir sings the anthem before the sermon, it is as if Pat has already heard the sermon and has chosen an anthem that best complements the message for the day. On many Sundays, the choir almost sings the sermon before it is even preached! With musical sensitivity and theological depth, Pat Hoover and the choir, under the leadership of Choir Director Susie Reisdorf, truly help to lead God’s people with wonderful music in worship.

Assisting the Congregation in Its Ministry:

Clerk of the Session: Elder Michael Kahn
Assistant to the Pastor for Congregational Visitation: Deacon Carol Jean Hartlove
Moderator, Board of Deacons: Deacon Frank Owens
Vice-Moderator, Board of Deacons: Deacon Dona Ferguson
Deacon Treasurer: Elder Joy M. Parson
Flower Orders: Deacon Joyce Peugh
Director, Church School & Christian Education: Elder Joy M. Parson
Church Treasurer: Elder Carolyn Hurwitz
Church Financial Secretary: Elder Jay F. Parson
Assistant Financial Secretary: Elder Jennifer Boone
Cemetery Superintendent: Elder Jay F. Parson
Church Historian: Elder George J. Farmer
Outreach Committee: Elder Nadine Merkle
Public Health & Safety Advocate: Bob Reisdorf
Church Office Manager: Elder Sue Meekins