Sunday Worship at 10:00 AM

10637 Old Court Rd Woodstock, MD 21163

Quick Reference: A short, simple list of reminder activities, in order, for experienced hosts.  Not as complete as the Zoom Hosting Overview. 

Zoom Hosting Overview is a download of the text displayed below, without the videos. It includes tips for team hosting.

Overview of Zoom Controls Video is for people who do not commonly use Zoom and need to understand how to Chat and manage participants. 

Deep Dive provides technical background information about the sound system and Microphones.  

Zoom Hosting Instructions

These instructions assume a certain level of familiarity with Zoom and with the Sound System.  If you have not had the training, review as many Videos as possible.

Zoom and Gmail Login is Granite Worship:

Before the Service

1.       Turn everything on:

a.       The sound systems in the box…the top one and the bottom one

b.      The extra wireless Mic base (black with 1 antenna)

c.       The Mixer (switch is on the back right next to the plug)

d.       The dongle plugged into Channel 3 (if needed)

f.        The Laptop

e.       The TV

2.       Log into the Laptop as Worship (NOT sreisdorf) Password hint: God So Loved the World

3.       Prep your files on the desktop:

a.       Move last week’s files, PowerPoint and, if applicable, videos to Documents

b.       Click on Chrome to Log into Gmail as and get the PowerPoint from Granite Worship Email and put it on the Desktop.

c.       If there is a video, also download that and place on desktop

4.       Open the Power Point

5.       Mixer Buttons should be:  A=OUT, B=OUT, C=OUT, D=IN

Starting the Zoom

·        Double click on the Zoom icon and start the Sunday Worship meeting (not Bible Study)

·        Unmute and turn the video on

·        Click on Original Sound for Musicians Off (upper left hand corner of the Zoom Screen) and it will change to Original Sound for Musicians On. (If Original sound is not on, Zoom participants will hear very poor quality music)

·        If you have a co-host, assign that role as soon as the person logs in

·        In your cell phone with your ear-buds/headset on, join the zoom from the Website (so you can monitor what Zoom attendees are hearing)

·        Under participants, right click on the dots next to Granite Worship and choose Pin

·        As soon as two guests have logged in, under Participants right click on the dots next to Granite Worship and chose Spotlight for Everyone  (So that everyone on Zoom sees the Sanctuary)

During Service

·        Share PowerPoint for Call to Worship and first hymn (Share, Basic, click on Share Sound, then click on the PowerPoint which you opened Before the Service, click Share click on the Show icon to fill the screen)

·        Click on the screen whenever you need to go to the next page

·        Stop Sharing during scripture readings, share again for Hymns

·       Record the Sermon:  Alt+C to start the recording, Alt+C to end the recording.  Or in the zoom controls you may have to
select …, then choose Record to the Cloud.

·        To Play a Video:

o   Mixer Button A=IN (This changes the direction of the sound so that laptop sound comes into the sanctuary)

o   In zoom, Share, Advanced, Video, click Share, select the Video from where you stored it prior to the Service on the desktop

o   Click the > icon to Play.  You can also expand to fill the whole screen

o   When you close the video, it will automatically stop sharing

o   Mixer Button A=OUT (So that sanctuary sound will go back through the laptop to the Zoom attendees)

·        To share the PowerPoint after a Video, remember to click back on the Basics Tab and select the Power Point.

·        When Mike and Lori Sing

o   Attach the dongle that matches the one plugged into Channel 3 to the Monitor port of Mike’s Sound System

o   Turn the dongle on

o   When they sing Mixer Button D=OUT (Extra mics including the dongle are NOT heard in the Sanctuary, only over Zoom)

o   After they sing Mixer Button D=IN (Extra mics will be heard in the Sanctuary, Mike will have his sound system on mute)

After Service

1.       Cleanup the Desktop, move files to the Documents folder or delete

2.       Shutdown the PC, turn off everything on the turn on list above.

3.       If you used the dongles, put them on charge on the USB connection under the desk.  

4.       Make sure the Lavalier mic and the hand held are turned off

5.       There are extra batteries in the desk.  If you have to use a battery, either let someone know or bring a replacement in yourself.

Things that have gone wrong

·        Common

o   There are multiple volume controls:  (the Laptop volume, the Zoom Audio Settings, The mixer, the cabinet in the Narthex, and the cell phone you are using to monitor) Change one thing at a time, then put it back where it was before trying something else.

o   PowerPoint hides the Zoom interface when you are not sharing. (When you are sharing the Zoom Sharing bar appears on top) If your PowerPoint is in Slide Shoe mode and you click on your PowerPoint while you are not sharing, say to turn the page in preparation for sharing.  Press Esc to get out of Slide Show mode and you will be able to see your Zoom interface.  You will want to click on the Slide Show button again when you next share.

o   Sanctuary on Mute in Zoom.  Must have hit some key combination that muted

o   Occasionally the Sanctuary Video goes off—perhaps a loose USB connection.  Click on the Video icon and turn it back on.

o   Button A not IN for Videos, can’t hear the sound in the Sanctuary

o   Button A not OUT for normal service, can’t hear the extra hand held Mic in the sanctuary

·        Less Common

o   The cell phone used to monitor had the volume set very low; spent a lot of time fiddling with Zoom and sound system controls when it was a local problem.  Then all the other controls were all goofed up and I had to put them back.

o   The old hand-held mic and the Lavalier can’t both be working at the same time.  One will be heard the other won’t.  Mostly we don’t use the old mic.

o   Button D not IN for normal service, the extra hand held mic will not be heard in the Sanctuary, but will be heard over Zoom.

o   Button D not OUT for Lori and Mike performing, their music will echo in the sanctuary and there may be feedback because the sound will be coming from the Sanctuary sound system in addition to being broadcast by Mike’s sound system

o   Feedback can occur if the person monitoring using their cell phone is not on mute

Team Hosting

We recommend Team Hosting.  Two heads are better than one when there are so many things to keep track of.  The quick list is a good guide, but if the operator is not completely comfortable with Zoom, it is difficult to both keep track of what to do next and also which buttons/keys to press.  There are two approaches to team hosting—both in the Sanctuary, or one logged in remotely. 

Below are suggested ways to address Team Hosting

Both team Members in the Sanctuary

Note, I think there is still an extra stool in one of the classrooms.

Coach Responsibilities

·        Sound Engineer

o   Log in to the Zoom using a cell phone using ear buds or a head set

o   Monitor when Zoom members may have hearing issues

o   Take responsibility for any changes needed on the Mixer, A or D buttons in or out, minor adjustments to sound levels.

·        Coach the Operator through steps

o   Hold onto the Quick Reference list and a Bulletin

o   Double check all Quick Reference lists, turning on, prepping desk top, etc.

o   Follow along with the service, advise the Operator when to be ready to share

o   Tell them which buttons to press

o   If they get in a funny spot, recheck the Quick Reference lists and try to figure out what they missed

o   Monitor the Chat on your Cellphone in case someone is reporting problems.

·        Be a trusted partner, watch everything, coach everything, don’t be shy

Operator Responsibilities

·        Sit at the keyboard and operate the laptop

·        Monitor the Chat for any problems or issues

·        Manage the PowerPoint and Video sharing and stop sharing

·        Note that once the PowerPoint has become full screen using the Slide Show icon and you are not sharing it, try not to click on it.  If you do, you will have to press the Esc key to make it small again or you won’t be able to find your Zoom interface.

·        Trust your partner, don’t be offended if they are telling you something you already know. Sooner or later there will be a time that you are glad they did.

One person is on Zoom and one in the Sanctuary

Sanctuary Responsibilities

·        Do everything on the Quick Reference EXCEPT preparing the files and file sharing

·        Don’t forget to assigning host to the person who is on Zoom.

·        Manage mixer buttons, especially if a Video is shared

·        Log in via Cell Phone to monitor sound and also watch the Chat or have some other way to communicate real-time with the Zoom Host such as texting.

Zoom Host

·        Follow along with a copy of the Bulletin

·        Manage all PowerPoint and Video Sharing

·        Keep in touch with the person in the sanctuary either through chat or some other means such as texting.